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Where did you train and what ‘style’ of yoga do you teach?

My mother has been a yoga teacher for as long as I can remember. I caught the bug from her! For my first teacher training in India with the Shiva Shakti School (Yoga Alliance 200 Hours), I studied general Hatha Yoga then progressed to teaching mainly Vinyasa Flow in London. For my advanced teacher training (Yoga Alliance 500 Hours +), I specialised in the Vajrasati approach, which is strong on anatomy and philosophy with widespread roots digging into the Iyengar school, Buddhism, Tantra. I am fully insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Are your classes suitable for beginners/advanced practitioners?

As a teacher, it matters to me that every student is as safe and welcome as possible. My instructions are designed to be progressive, suiting all levels of experience. My advanced teacher training has taught me how to use yoga props and modify poses in order to include everybody. At the same time, intermediate to advanced practitioners may get an extra nudge, there is no pressure to conform to a set standard.

What is yoga about?

You know when your mind is racing like you’re running around the same track again and again even though it never gets you anywhere? Yoga helps us to step off the track and be an observer. It is the holistic practice of ‘stilling the fluctuations of the mind’ (Patanjali ~400 BCE). This state is attained through conscious behaviour in everyday life. How can contemplation, meditation and bliss become a spontaneous state? Yoga proposes that we learn to be present in poses through introspection and awareness of breath-energy (prāṇā).

So it’s the intention that makes a practice yogic. The key is breathing, feeling, and focussing with one-pointed awareness. Some days that isn’t possible. So the best thing we can do is just show up for ourselves. Ultimately, a great practice is about the release of physical, emotional and energetic tension so that we can surrender to the present moment. It requires honesty, kindness, sometimes laughter!

Will yoga make me bendy and toned?

Dedication to a more ‘athletic’ yoga practice will develop strength and suppleness with a seemingly paradoxical caveat: if your main intention is to become bendy and toned, then it is not yoga. Real talk!

Yoga is not about achieving ‘results’ or performing poses for outward approval. Refining the alignment of your anatomy in yoga poses is only important insofar as (A) you are safe from injury, and (B) energy can keep moving around your body. The true seeker will learn to accept their physical nature, regardless of function and form. Many of us need reminding from time to time because the temporary rewards of being bendy and toned are disproportionality real in our society. But if we attach these aspirations to our identity, any happiness they bring is fleeting and fragile.

The only place in which you can let go of habits is Now. Yoga is Now. When fear, ignorance, attachment, aversion and ego dissolve, you realise that you are already whole.

What People Say

Lucy has a relaxed and approachable style to her teaching and has helped me in my recovery from a shoulder injury.

Sarah London E3

Lucy taught me 1:1 after a car accident. Practising yoga with her helped my recovery enormously.

Keziah London E3

That was THE BEST “Nurturing Flow” class I’ve ever been to. The perfect mix of deep stretches and relaxation.

Rebecca, London SW2.

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