Yoga and The Spectacle

In 2018, I left London and I stopped teaching busy vinyasa flow classes. I deleted social media and spent two years studying at Brighton Buddhist Centre. During this time, I taught the occasional community class but really gave myself space to figure out what my relationship with yoga is. I grew up with yoga. MyContinue reading “Yoga and The Spectacle”

Yoga, excellence in action?

In Bhagavad Gita, The Song of the Soul, yoga is described as excellence, or skill, in action: ‘yogaḥ karmasu kauśalam’ (2.50). Despite how simple this phrasing sounds, these three terms denote one of the most nuanced and fundamental concepts to yogic living. When I first heard ‘excellence in action’, I admit that my first thoughtsContinue reading “Yoga, excellence in action?”

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